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Power To Live

At most of times, healthcare practitioners tend to forget the fundamental of good health is by looking at the efficiency of food digestion, absorption of food nutrition and disposal of toxic waste. Majority of them have gone too far as attracted by health food supplements in capsules and tablets form mostly driven by marketing and advertisements. In fact, human genes of today and 6 million years ago are still the same. Our body just needs balanced macro nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, fatty acids, trace amount of essential vitamins and essential minerals in addition to sufficient rest, water and dietary fibres from fruits and vegetables.

The secret for longevity and prevention of chronic diseases is to add EnerFlex® Nutrition into your daily life regardless of a person has been taking some forms of food supplements or chronic medications. EnerFlex® will add more energy to your cells in addition to detoxify, reduce cellular inflammation, regulate imbalance hormonal system, restore balanced central nervous system and rejuvenate all vital organs for optimum health. We develop chronic diseases because we have ignored the building blocks (essential amino acids and fatty acids) in our daily diet for a long period.

You can be rest assured that with EnerFlex® daily, you will see a great different in your healthcare plan!


在大多數的時候,醫療從業人員往往忘記了基本身體健康是從有效率的食物消化,營基養吸收和身體處置廢物開始。其中大部分已經遠離基本營養學, 反而積極推廣由市場營銷和廣告驅動的膠囊或片劑式保健食品補充劑。事實上,今天的人類基因和600萬年前仍然是相同的。除了充分的休息,水和從水果和蔬菜膳食纖維,我們的身體只是需要均衡營營養素如蛋白質,碳水化合物,脂肪酸,微量的 必需維生素, 必需的礦物質。我們患慢性疾病,因為在我們的日常飲食中長期忽略了基石營養(必需氨基酸和脂肪酸).

延年益壽和預防慢性病的秘密在於EnerFlex®營養添加到你的日常生活中,無論一個人一直在採取某種形式的食品補充劑或慢性藥物。 EnerFlex®除了會增加更多的能量,你的細胞也有效地以清毒,降低細胞炎症,調節不平衡荷爾蒙系統,恢復平衡中樞神經系統和復原所有重要器官的最佳功能和健康.

我們向您保證,每天飲EnerFlex® ,您將看到在您的醫療保健計劃會有很大的不同!

Everything begins with the miraculous cure of the Founder's Asthma disease

EnerFlex® was developed by nutritionist, Mr. Kim Lin-Keong in 1992 with the objective to find a cure for his chronic asthma of which he had been suffering since his age at 7. The 1st formula was on trial for 7 years yet failed to find a cure for his asthma. Until 19 November 1999, Mr. Kim made a change in the formulation using the same raw materials, and on 5th December 1999, he was totally free from asthma attacks till now. EnerFlex® probably is the first soy formula in the world that successfully cured chronic asthma in adult.

"The exact mechanisms on how EnerFlex® worked for his asthma cure was unclear, but one thing for sure, unlike other soy products, EnerFlex® seems able to neutralize stomach hyperacidity, improves healthy bowel movements, detoxifies and rejuvenates tissues (especially gastrointestinal tract and liver) and may be with some form of anti-inflammatory, modulation of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and prebiotic properties."

In 2002, the answers revealed. First, by coincidence, EnerFlex® is a Zone-Favourable Diet (Protein to Carbohydrate Ratio between 0.6 – 1.0) formula in line with Dr.Barry Sears’s dietary on hormonal response - The Zone Diet. According to Dr. Barry Sears, Zone Diet is a real physiological condition in your body where cellular inflammation is controlled — not too low that you can’t fight off infection, but not too high where the body begins to attack itself.

Secondly, EnerFlex® is an Isoflavone Rich Organic Soy formula. Scientific study had recent years showed that Soy Isoflavones Genistein inhibits Eosinophil P38- Dependent Leukotriene Synthesis in addition to its ability to block allergen-induced airway inflammation and reduces lung level of cysteinyl-leukotrienes and histamine” - Mr. Kim Lin-Keong, Inventor of EnerFlex®

Dr. Barry Sears (Date of Birth: June, 1947).
Place of Birth: Long Beach, CA
Research Interests: Dietary modulation of hormonal responses and eicosanoid biosynthesis, use of anti-inflammatory nutrition for the treatment of chronic disease conditions. (Info source: http://www.drsears.com)

Mr. Kim Lin-Keong (Born January, 1966).
Place of Birth: Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.
Lifetime interests: Effect of functional soy and Zone-Diet in alleviating chronic diseases since 1992.



雖然EnerFlex®真正的化學作用尚未確定,可是非常肯定的是,它不同於其他大豆產品. EnerFlex®能助於胃酸的調解,促進大腸的蠕動,排毒及細胞組織的再生(尤其是腸胃及肝),擁有抗炎的作用,神經系統(交感神經和副交感神經)的調解及擁有益生元的食物.

2002年,答案揭曉。首先,通過巧合,EnerFlex®是一個區域有利的飲食(蛋白質0.6碳水化合物的比例 - 1.0)配方與巴里西爾斯博士對荷爾蒙反應飲食理念 - 區域飲食完全相似。據巴里西爾斯博士,區域飲食是你的身體一個真正的生理狀態,其中細胞炎症被控制 - 不會太低從而導致你不能抵禦感染,但不能太高在身體開始攻擊自己。

其次,EnerFlex®是一種富含異黃酮有機大豆配方。科學研究已經近年來結果顯示大豆異黃酮(三羥異黃酮)抑制氣道炎症,並降低肺部半胱氨酰白三烯和組胺的水平阻斷過敏症的能力”~ 金先生,EnerFlex® 研發者

Dr. Barry Sears (Born June, 1947).
Place of Birth: Long Beach, CA
Research Interests: Dietary modulation of hormonal responses and eicosanoid biosynthesis, use of anti-inflammatory nutrition for the treatment of chronic disease conditions. (Info source: http://www.drsears.com)

Mr. Kim Lin-Keong (Born January, 1966).
Place of Birth: Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.
Lifetime interests: Effect of functional soy and Zone-Diet in alleviating chronic diseases since 1992.

Functional Bio-factors behind EnerFlex


Soy Isoflavones

Soy isoflavone glycosides are called genistin, daidzin, and glycitin, while the aglycones are called genistein, daidzein, and glycitein - active form of isoflavones

The structure of isoflavones is not exactly the same as estrogen, so isoflavones are not estrogen. However, the isoflavone structure has important similarities to estrogen. These similarities allow isoflavones to bind to estrogen receptors in our estrogen-responsive cells.




Soy isoflavones

Natural Isoflavones from wholesome and natural soy seems to produce more health benefits than then Isolated Isoflavones or Isoflavones extracts. 600mg of Isoflavones Extract is providing the equal potency of 1 tablet of estradiol hormone pill. On an average, daily intake of 25 -55mg of soy isoflavones seems to be cancer protective as proposed by American Cancer Research Institute. Thus, in the context of soy isoflavones, it does not mean the more is better especially in the risk of breast cancer development. Moderation is still the best option when practicing holistic health.

從天然大豆異黃酮似乎比則隔離異黃酮或異黃酮提取產生更多的健康益處。600毫克異黃酮提取相當於提供1片雌二醇激素避孕藥的藥效。平均來說,美國癌症研究建議每天攝入25-55mg大豆異黃酮似乎對癌症有保護。因此,在大豆異黃酮的上下文中,它並不意味著越多越好。尤其是在乳腺癌的發病風險. 實踐整體健康適度的大豆異黃酮仍然是最好的選擇。

Soy isoflavones

Natural soy isoflavones from isoflavone-rich soy protein also known as SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) as follow:

  • Regulation of LDL-Cholesterol and Triglycerides, prevention of peroxidation of LDL-Cholesterol and restoration of arterial endothelial function for healthier cardiovascular system
  • Stimulate bone formation and inhibit bone resorption
  • Double-edged sword SERM with both anti-estrogenic (anti-cancer, binding to Estrogen Beta Receptor) and pro-estrogenic (binding to Estrogen Alpha Receptor for menopausal syndrome relief) properties. However, the potency of Soy Isoflavone binding to Alpha Receptor is only 1/1000 of the effect of estrogen. SERM Soy Isoflavones has no effect on human progesterone.
  • Natural soy isoflavones being found a potentially anti-carcinoma nutraceutical as it has the following activities:
    • Anti-Mutatic and Anti-Mitosis
    • Anti-Estrogenic (works similar to Tamoxifen drug)
    • Anti-Angiogenesis
    • Protein Tyrosine Kinase (PTK) Inhibitor
    • Free Radical Scavenger


  • 調節LDL-膽固醇和甘油三酯,預防LDL膽固醇氧化和恢復動脈內皮功能和健康心血管系統
  • 刺激骨形成和抑制骨吸收
  • 雙刃劍SERM既抗雌激素(抗腫瘤,結合雌激素β受體)和促雌激素(結合雌激素α受體對更年期綜合症救濟)的屬性。然而,大豆異黃酮結合於α受體的效力是1/1000的雌激素的作用。SERM大豆異黃酮對人孕酮沒有影響。
  • 天然大豆異黃酮具有以下潛在的抗癌功能:
    • 抗突變和抗細胞有絲分裂
    • 抗雌激素(原理類似藥物他莫昔芬)
    • 抗癌細胞的血管生成
    • 蛋白酪氨酸激酶(PTK)抑製劑
    • 自由基清除劑
Soy isoflavones

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Sources: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19996398

Soy isoflavones
Soy isoflavones

Soy Lecithin

Soy isoflavones

Influence of Soy Lecithin Administration (500mg/d) on Hypercholesterolemia

The results showed a reduction of 40.66% and 42.00% in total cholesterol and of 42.05% and 56.15% in LDL cholesterol after treatment for one and two months, respectively. This indicates wholesome soy is a good source of lecithin to help fight cholesterol disorder without any side effect.

Influence of Soy Lecithn Administration

Soy is Evidence-based Functional Food

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Heart Health

Heart Health

Breast Cancer

Prostate Cancer


Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy




Heart Health





Uniqueness of EnerFlex

  • Scientific studied soy based formulations in improving human health and chronic illnesses such as hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes, cancer care, knee care, immune system enhancer, gastrointestinal health (gastric, gastroesophageal reflux disease, chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome), skin health and slimming without crash-dieting and “yo-yo effect”
  • Gout and renal friendly with soybean embryo being removed
  • Trusted and recommended by medical professionals (medical doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists and dietitians) since 2001
  • Product innovation since year 1992 for long-term safety use with product efficacy above 80%
  • No grassy and beanie smell
  • No after-taste feeling

Base Ingredients

The base ingredients of EnerFlex® look common and simple, yet unique in health benefits:

  • Premium Organic and non-GMO Wholesome Soybean powder containing abundant lecithin, soy protein and soy isoflavones
  • Non-GMO Isolated Soy Protein powder
  • Non-GMO Inulin powder
  • Non-GMO Digestion Resistant Dextrin powder

All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure expected clinical outcomes are achieved. You may visit our Product page for more formulations variant to get the one that suits your healthcare needs.

World Class Quality and Safety

All products are produced in compliance with European Quality Management System (ISO9001: UKAS, UK) and European International Food Safety System (RvA HACCP, Netherlands). The compliance is periodically audited by Llyold’s Register Quality Assurance (UK).

Safety Information

  • Free from harmful microbes such as bacteria, yeast and moulds
  • Free from heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and antimony
  • Free from adulterants such as melamine and drugs
  • Free from phthalates
  • Free from pesticides
  • 100% Essential Nutrition Formula
  • Product safety standard benchmarking infant and children milk formula

EnerFlex 之獨特性


  • 大豆胚芽被刪除, 適合於痛風和腎臟
  • 自2001年受醫療專業人員(醫生,藥劑師,營養師而營養師)推薦
  • 產品創新自1992年以來年, 產品功效與長期安全使用的滿意度超過80%以上。
  • 無草和豆豆異味
  • 沒有令人不愉快的後味感



  • 含豐富的卵磷脂大豆蛋白和大豆異黃酮優質有機和非轉基因大豆粉
  • 非轉基因大豆分離蛋白粉
  • 非轉基因菊粉
  • 非轉基因耐消化糊精粉



所有產品均符合歐洲國際質量管理體系(UKAS ISO9001, 英國)和歐洲國際食品安全體系(RVA HACCP,荷蘭)生產的。合規是定期由Llyold氏質量認證(英國)審核。


  • 不含有害微生物,如細菌,酵母和黴菌
  • 不含有重金屬如汞,鉛,鎘,砷和銻
  • 不含有三聚氰胺和藥
  • 不含有鄰苯二甲酸
  • 不含有農藥
  • 100%的基本營養配方
  • 產品安全基準測試嬰兒和兒童配方奶粉

Healing Reactions

The healing process of which being mistaken as product side effects by medical practitioners will only take place when the body is supplied and nourished with the right and balanced functional nutrition. Otherwise, nothing will happen even though nutritional supplements are ingested by the body could be due to a Placebo Effect simply the cells fail to rejuvenate and detoxify effectively. However, if the user is already at optimum health nothing will happen. Further enhancing optimum health will then lead to anti-aging process. Healing Reactions is to restore healthy cells, toxin clean-up process. Cumulative old suffering, to the status quo, the status quo retreat. For example, some previous  symptoms such as rash, acne, joint pain, stomach upset, diarrhea, proteinuria, fatigue, irregular heart beat, sore throat, mild fever colds, phlegm, increased frequency of urination, will be reproduced of which may be maintained for a few days to a few weeks before normalization.

The Healing Reactions were well described by the Hering’s Law of Cure of which established by Dr. Constantine Hering back in 1900s.  Constantine Hering described the law of healing with the direction of symptoms described as the following:

  1. From above downwards
  2. From within outwards
  3. From a more important organ to a less important one
  4. In the reverse order of their coming
  5. From the head to the hands and feet

All illnesses start from Inflammation. This is how the diseases progressing in our body over time in modern medicine:

Normal Tissues → Acute Inflammation of Tissues → Sub-Acute Inflammation → Chronic Inflammation → Degenerative

In Healing Process, our body will react in reverse order:

Degenerative (usually fail to reverse) → Chronic Inflammation → Sub-Acute Inflammation → Acute Inflammation → Normal (Cells, Tissues and Organs Rejuvenated)

In conclusion, people with chronic diseases will experience the healing process, which may make him / her discomfort before getting better. Need not to be over worry.

EnerFlex 產品好轉反應, 你需要知道


"好轉反應"是身體的自我修復過程. 當身體接受正確和功能性的營養素時, 你的身體就會自動排毒,恢復重要器官原狀和健康, 而帶給你更有活力的人生。

簡而言之 [好轉反應] 是還原細胞健康,清理毒素過程。累積舊患,原狀來,原狀退。例如以前有的皮疹、暗瘡、關節痛、胃部不適,腹瀉,尿蛋白,疲倦,異常心臟跳動,咽痛,輕度感冒發熱,痰多,排尿頻率增加,都會短暫重現,徵狀維持數天至數星期。

其中的 [好轉反應]過程歷來被醫生視為是產品的副作用. 事實上當身體獲得正確的和均衡的功能性營養才會發生。否則,什麼都不會發生. 如果補充沒有效的產品可能是一種安慰劑效應, 細胞不能恢復活力,不能有效排毒。然而,如果用戶已經在最佳的健康什麼也不會發生。進一步增強了最佳的健康便會引發延緩衰老的過程。


  1. 從上面向下
  2. 從內向外
  3. 從一個更重要的器官到不太重要的
  4. 在他們來的相反順序
  5. 從頭部到手腳


正常組織 → 急性炎症 → 亞急性炎症 → 慢性炎症 → 退化性炎症


退化性炎症(通常不能逆轉)→ 慢性炎症 → 亞急性炎症 → 急性炎症 → 正常(還原細胞健康)