EnerFlex® ORIGINAL -  Optimizing Immunity • Enhancing Wellness
 EnerFlex® ECZYBIO -  Digestive Health/Atopic Dermatitis/ Eczema Nutritional Food with M-16V and BB536
EnerFlex®  HOMMES - Total Nutrition for Men's Health [Acuity,Stamina,Performance]
 Food to Support Cancer Care (all types of cancer especially NPC, Breast and Colon)
ECZYBIO Predominant Anti-Psoriasis 3 Months' Deal: 12 ECZ, 6 AFA, 6 CP
EnerFlex®  GETZULIN 2.0 -  Comprehensive Diabetes Well Care (Eyes,Heart,Liver,Muscle)
AFA-Predominant Anti-Psoriasis Food 3 Months'  Deal -AFA750 (12), PROBIOTIC (6), COMPLEXION (6)
EnerFlex®  PROCARDO K2-100: Comprehensive Cardiovascular Formula with K2 100mcg