Healing Reactions

The healing process will only take place when the body is supplied and nourished with the right and balanced functional nutrition. Otherwise, nothing will happen even though nutritional supplements are ingested by the body as they are merely Placebo Effect simply the cells fail to rejuvenate and detoxify effectively.

The Healing Reactions are well described by the Hering’s Law of Cure of which established by Dr. Constantine Hering back in 1900s.  Constantine Hering had the merit of formulating for the first time the law of the direction of symptoms described as the following:

  • From above downwards
  • From inside to outwards 
  • From a more important organ to a less important organ. 
  • In the reverse order of their coming
  • From the head to the hands and feet

Healing is in Reverse Order is best explained via the Science of Iridology.  And, all illnesses start from Inflammation. This is how the diseases progressing in our body over time in line with disease progression of modern medicine:


Normal --> Acute Inflammation of Tissues --> Sub-Acute Inflammation --> Chronic Inflammation --> Degenerative


In Healing Process, our body will react in reverse order:

Degenerative (usually fail to reverse) --> Chronic Inflammation --> Sub-Acute Inflammation --> Acute Inflammation --> Normal


Our experience since 2001 found that consumers with EnerFlex® may experience one or more healing reactions involving more than one Direction of Cure as stated in the Hering’s Law of Cure depending on the following factors:


  1.  Severity and Duration of Chronic Illnesses
  2.  Toxins accumulations in the major and vital organs
  3.  Hormonal Imbalances
  4.  Severity in Nutrition Optimization for Optimum Health
  5.  Stress Level (Mind and Soul Impact)
  6.  Intake of water, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits
  7.  Rest

Thus, a person with chronic illnesses may get worse off and more discomfort and even flare-up with the old symptoms during healing process. This is not considered a side effect or allergic to EnerFlex®