Disclaimer & Allergen Warning


All the product information is true based on scientific research data either from the ingredients' origin or a class effect. However, the beneficial and health claims are merely for the references of medical or healthcare professionals and not validated by both local and international FDA. Thus, we recommend consumers to consult their medical or healthcare providers before starting using EnerFlex® and its ranges of products if doubts arise.

Due to excellent Corporate Ethic and Social Responsibility Compliant, all ingredients used in EnerFlex® and its ranges of products are organic and non-GMO based. No artificial flavours, colourings, adulterants and preservatives are added our products. Safe for both short and long-term consumption by human. EnerFlex® is HALAL certified.

Statements appearing on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information for General Purpose Only and designed to help you to make informed decisions about your health needs based on scientific research of key functional ingredients and observational studies and solid consumers' feedback on EnerFlex since its launched in 2001. It is not intended to substitute advice from your physician or healthcare professional in any form of disease management.

Allergen Warning

EnerFlex® products contain protein from soybean and not suitable for people allergic to soy. However, no allergic reactions has been reported since the product launched to the market in 2001.