About Company, Quality & Food Safety

About our Corporation

Bringing You The Best Wholesome Functional Soy Based Premixed Beverage with Optimized Protein-Carbohydrate Ratio powered by multiple Award-Winning Nutraceutical Ingredients.  Established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since September 2000.

Our Vision

Enriching Life and promote Healthy Aging with wholesome organic and non-GMO soy powered by Award-Winning/Patented and Research Based Nutraceutical Ingredients.

Our Mission

Mind, Body and Soy. Bridging Gap Between Food and Medicine for better quality of life.

Our Food Quality and Safety Policy

 cGMP and Global Food Safety Compliance. All products are free from biological and chemical hazards (heavy metal),  pesticides, drug adulterants, preservatives , flavors and colors.

International Accreditation

  • European International ISO22000- UKAS Food Safety Management System (UK, Since 2018)
  • European International ISO9001- UKAS Quality Management System (UK, Since 2004)
  • European International RvA HACCP Food Safety Management System (Netherlands, Since 2004)
  • AVON Global R&D Team cGMP Approval since 2014
  • Malaysian Food GMP (Approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia Since 2015)
  • HALAL certified by JAKIM (Malaysian Islamic Development Board, Since 2004)
  • Avon Global Social Responsibility Compliance (audited by Bureau Veritas and approved by Avon Global Since 2014)