Regulatory, Halal and Ethic Compliance

Food Law, Halal and Regulations Compliance

All products marketed are HALAL certified and fully complied to Malaysian Ministry of Health and International Food Act , Labeling and Regulations. 

We have shipped our products to United States, China, Germany, Australia, Canada, UK, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, UAE, Central Europe, East and West Europe, Indonesia, Philippines etc. without any restrictions.

Ethic and Compliance

We are committed to living up to our Core Values of Trust, Respect, Belief, Humility and Integrity. As MYHEALTHDRIVER Associates and being an AVON nutritional product partner, we live by these values as stipulated in Avon Social Ethic and Compliance Guidelines and know that by doing so we promote:
·         An environment of Trust and Openness that encourages telling the truth always;
·         Respect for one another, our Representatives, customers, stakeholders and public servants who regulate and enforce the law;
·         Sufficient Belief in ourselves and one another to pursue our mission in accordance with our values;
·         The Humility to let our performance speak for itself and admit our mistakes; and
·         Integrity in all situations, whatever the pressures or temptations, wherever we may be and no matter the potential consequences

The Social Ethic and Compliance was audited and certified by Bureau Veritas (Headquarters in France) since 2014.