EnerFlex® is a concentrated soybean (more than 80%) formula. Based on published research, soybean is great source of Nicotianamine that can help to block the entry of coronavirus SARS-Cov-2/Covid-19 virus to prevent virus replications via ACE2 Inhibition. All viruses need a host to survive and replicate. In the case of Covid-19, human lung cells are the target because this organ is rich in ACE2. Covid-19 or SARS viruses use this ACE2 as a key to open the door to enter our human cells to replicate and produce its virus strain. In some cases, mutation might take place before the replication of viruses and to be released into our body and causing severe pneumonia. 

CoVid-19 contains a protein called Spike-Protein (S-Protein) to bind to human lung cell ACE2 Receptor in order to grow and replicate. Soy contains Nicotianamine  that was found to prevent this protein from attaching to the ACE2 receptor , thus preventing the virus growth. At the same time, soy is rich in complete amino acids and may also help the body to make specific antibodies against viruses following a stronger liver function.

For more information and scientific references, please click EnerFlex Nutraceuticals FIGHT COVID -19 focusing on ACE2 Inhibition and Stem Cell Enhancing Therapy : 

Personalized Nutrition for General Wellness and Maintenance  Regime for Protection Against Coronavirus: -

Main product (s):

  1. Children and Healthy Adults - Children: 1-2 sachets of EnerFlex ORIGINAL  daily. Adults: 2 sachets daily.Take 2 sachets of EnerFlex PROBIOTIC weekly.
  2. Middle-Age Adults with History of Cardiovascular Disease -  2 sachets of EnerFlex PROCARDO  / EnerFlex HOMMES/ EnerFlex PLUS daily
  3. Elderly - EnerFlex PROBIOTIC + EnerFlex AFA750 daily
  4. Elderly with Dementia: EnerFlex CERVASTOR + EnerFlex AFA750 daily
  5. For those with heart disease and bone problems - EnerFlex PLUS in combination with EnerFlex PROCARDO are recommended.
  6. For those with poor immunity (easily with flu infection) - EnerFlex AFA750  and EnerFlex PROBIOTIC become the main products.
  7. For those with poor liver function, on long term medications and diabetes - EnerFlex D-DIET/ EnerFlex GETZULIN (preferred) and EnerFlex PROCARDO are the main products.
  8. For those with poor digestive tract health - a combination with EnerFlex PROBIOTIC and EnerFlex AFA750 will be the main products.
  9. For those with Central Obesity and Overweight: 2 sachets of EnerFlex S-PERFECT daily
  10. For healthy men -1 -2 sachets of  EnerFlex HOMMES  daily
  11. For beauty care  and holistic wellness -  1-2 sachets of EnerFlex ESTHETIC daily. 
  12. For allergic asthma, eczema and rhinitis - 2 sachets of EnerFlex ECZYBIO daily
Direction of Use During PANDEMIC:

Morning: EnerFlex AFA750  + Main Product used by specified category (1-8), Before Bed: 2 sachets of EnerFlex AFA750 for a month. 


Morning: EnerFlex AFA750  + Main Product used by specified category (1-8), 3 - 4 pm: 2 sachets of EnerFlex AFA750 Before Bed: 2 sachets of EnerFlex AFA750 until fully recovered.

"Accumulated data showed that patients with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and overweight/central obesity are the  leading group of COVID-19 Death "

Product Compare (0)

 EnerFlex® ECZYBIO -  Digestive Health/Atopic Dermatitis/ Eczema Nutritional Food with M-16V and BB536
 EnerFlex® ORIGINAL -  Optimizing Immunity • Enhancing Wellness
EnerFlex®  GETZULIN 2.0 -  Comprehensive Diabetes Well Care (Eyes,Heart,Liver,Muscle)
EnerFlex®  HOMMES - Total Nutrition for Men's Health [Acuity,Stamina,Performance]
EnerFlex® AFA750 - Anti-inflammatory. NK Cell and Stem Cell  Enhancer
EnerFlex® CERVASTOR 2.0 - Brain-Neuron Protector with Memophenol
EnerFlex® D-DIET - Restore Liver Function in 90 Days (ALT, AST, GGT, A/G RATIO etc)
EnerFlex® ESTHETIC- Health Within, Beauty on the Outside - Esthetic Wellness
EnerFlex® FORTE 2.0 - Young Arteries and Healthy Aging  [Essential for Age>40] with Nitric Oxide Boosters
EnerFlex® OPTRAZAN - Clear Vision by 3mg Astaxanthin and Green Tea EGCG
EnerFlex® PLUS 2.0 - Breasts, Bones, Heart and Kidney Health with 180mcg MK-7/K2
EnerFlex® PROBIOTIC - Comprehesive 5 Billion cfu BB536 Digestive Tract Nutrition
EnerFlex® PROCARDO 4.0 - Cholesterol Regulator. Keeping Arteries Young. NO Booster
EnerFlex® S-PERFECT 2.0 - Metabolic Syndrome, Balanced Body Line and Uric Acid
Nutrition  for Children during Covid-19 Pandemic
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