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Find out why  ASTAREAL Natural Astaxanthin is the Top Choice of Antioxidant used in an established Soy Based Functional Food - EnerFlex. 

  • SKIN BEAUTY: Stratum Corneum - Fights skin dryness, Epidermis -Quenches over-production of melanin, Dermis - Boosts fibroblast and collagen integrity against lines and wrinkles, Hypodermis - Improves nutrient supply to skin tissues.

  • EYE HEALTH - Improves accommodate function, Suppresses inflammation, Improves retinal capillaries blood flow AND Reduces eye fatigue in COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME (CVS)

  • CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH by PREVENTING ATHEROSCLEROSIS - Improves blood lipid profile, Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, Enhances capillary circulation.

  • MUSCLE PERFORMANCE - Boosts muscle endurance, Lowers lactic acid/fatigue/muscle soreness, Reduces muscle damage and inflammation.

  • BRAIN PERFORMANCE - Improves cognitive function in the elderly, decreases oxidation of the red blood cells, Enhances of vascular endothelial health, Reduces Inflammation.

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ASTAREAL Natural Astaxanthin being the most studied astaxanthin has been added into various EnerFlex formulations such as EnerFlex PROCARDO 4.0, EnerFlex CERVASTOR 2.0, EnerFlex OPTRAZAN,  EnerFlex FORTE 2.0, EnerFlex GETZULIN 2.0, EnerFlex HOMMES and EnerFlex ESTHETIC. 

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EnerFlex®  GETZULIN 2.0 -  Comprehensive Diabetes Well Care (Eyes,Heart,Liver,Muscle)
EnerFlex®  HOMMES - Total Nutrition for Men's Health [Acuity,Stamina,Performance]
EnerFlex® CERVASTOR 2.0 - Brain-Neuron Protector with Memophenol
EnerFlex® ESTHETIC- Health Within, Beauty on the Outside - Esthetic Wellness
EnerFlex® FORTE 2.0 - Young Arteries and Healthy Aging  [Essential for Age>40] with Nitric Oxide Boosters
EnerFlex® OPTRAZAN - Clear Vision by 3mg Astaxanthin and Green Tea EGCG
EnerFlex® PROCARDO 4.0 - Cholesterol Regulator. Keeping Arteries Young. NO Booster
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