Brain and Nerve Health

Direction of Use: Mix 1 sachet of EnerFlex CERVASTOR 2.0 and 1 sachet of EnerFlex FORTE 2.0 into a 200ml warm water. Shake well with a shaker for better mouth feel. Once prepared , drink immediately.

*For further understanding on product information, please visit individual product page. EnerFlex AFA750 is used  in combination with EnerFlex CERVASTOR 2.0 and EnerFlex FORTE 2.0 when more severe health problems are caused by the central nervous system.

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EnerFlex® AFA750 - Anti-inflammatory. NK Cell and Stem Cell  Enhancer
EnerFlex® CERVASTOR 2.0 - Brain-Neuron Protector with Memophenol
EnerFlex® FORTE 2.0 - Young Arteries and Healthy Aging  [Essential for Age>40] with Nitric Oxide Boosters
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