Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases are modern diseases of which developed over the years in an individual due to unhealthy lifestyles, imbalanced nutrition, stressful life, gene expressions and disturbed gut microbiota and unhealthy colon (especially the leaky guts). In order to prevent chronic diseases, fundamental health with balanced essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, prebiotic, probiotic, water and good rest are critical factors. However, there three  two main factors that lead us to chronic diseases: 1)  trigger of chronic cellular inflammation  2 ) reduced production of nitric oxide  that affects entire blood flow in the body and 3) defect in neuron propagation. EnerFlex is a unique, effective personalized nutrition to help prevent and manage the relevant chronic diseases by reducing cellular inflammation, increasing nitric oxide production and improving neurons propagation. EnerFlex is made up of wholesome Organic and non-GMO soy as product base.  Certified Free from Pesticides, Drugs, Heavy Metals, Melamine and Phthalates.

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