For asthma, it can be temporarily cured during childhood. But , if the asthma continues in adults, usually it will become chronic. "Just like my case, I suffered from Asthma for 26 years .I got it 100% cured from 5 Dec 1999 until today without any medications or anti-asthmatic drugs." - LK Kim, creator of EnerFlex Functional Nutrition.

With EnerFlex AFA750 AND EnerFlex ECZYBIO , it will take good care of asthmatic adults by the following mechanism:

1. Immediate relief of bronchial inflammation

2. Gradually alleviate allergic asthma to prevent its triggered

3. Restores a good digestion and intestinal system as 60% of asthma can be triggered by indigestion and gastric reflux

4. Optimized immunity to prevent upper and lower respiratory infection to avoid chronic coughing. Prolonged coughing is the leading cause of asthmatic attack even though might have been well controlled over years.

Direction of Use: 

Morning: 1 sachet EnerFlex AFA750+1 sachet EnerFlex ECZYBIO.

Before Bed/Evening: 2 sachets EnerFlex  AFA750. Take 2 sachets AFA750 extra anytime whenever the asthma attack comes.

Note: Chronic asthmatic children/adults are exposing very high risk of fatality if infected by COVID-19. So,it must get the protection right from day 1.

Severe Asthma - Adult

Direction of Use: Combined use of EnerFlex AFA750 and EnerFlex EZCYBIO.  Twice a day until attacks reduced to nil. Once a day for long term maintenance usage.

Severe Asthma - Children (4 - 12 years old)

Direction of Use: 2 sachets of  EnerFlex ECZYBIO daily until attacks reduced to nil. One sachet a day for long term maintenance usage.

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