Heart Disease and Prevention

Direction of Use:  

  1. Familial History of Heart Disease and Prevention of Heart Disease:  2 sachets of EnerFlex FORTE 2.0 every day.
  2. Heart Disease with Central Obesity/Diabetes: Combined use of EnerFlex FORTE 2.0 and EnerFlex S-PERFECT daily
  3. Post Heart Attacks: Combined use of EnerFlex PROCARDO 2.0 and EnerFlex AFA750 daily

Additional Information:-

Nutrition and Functional Food Approach in Heart Disease Prevention is now possible with the innovation in functional nutrition with pharmaceutical kind of research and efficacy alternative to conventional medications. Among them are: -

  • Improve cholesterol and prevents imbalance of LDL, HDL and Triglycerides
  • Improve blood circulations including the micro-circulatory system
  • Prevent uncontrolled high blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Improve and preserve a healthier endothelial to ensure elasticity of blood vessels
  • Improve heart muscles contraction and relaxation (vasodilation)
  • Improve metabolic syndrome

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EnerFlex®  PROCARDO K2-100: Comprehensive Cardiovascular Formula with K2 100mcg
EnerFlex® AFA750 - Anti-inflammatory. NK Cell and Stem Cell  Enhancer
EnerFlex® FORTE 2.0 - Young Arteries and Healthy Aging  [Essential for Age>40] with Nitric Oxide Boosters
EnerFlex® PROCARDO 4.0 - Cholesterol Regulator. Keeping Arteries Young. NO Booster
EnerFlex® S-PERFECT 2.0 - Metabolic Syndrome, Balanced Body Line and Uric Acid
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