High Blood Pressure/ Hypertension

Direction of Use:  

  1. Familial History of Heart Disease and Prevention of Heart Disease:  2 packets of EnerFlex FORTE 2.0 daily
  2. High Blood Pressure with Central Obesity/Diabetes: Combined use of EnerFlex FORTE 2.0 and EnerFlex S-PERFECT daily
  3. Prevention of Stroke: Combined use of EnerFlex FORTE 2.0 and EnerFlex CERVASTOR 2.0
  4. Resistant High Blood Pressure: Combined use of EnerFlex FORTE 2.0 and EnerFlex S-PERFECT ; once or twice daily.
  5. Men with High Blood Pressure or /and Cholesterol Disorder/Erectile Dysfunction: Combine use of EnerFlex HOMMES and EnerFlex FORTE 2.0
  6. Women with High Blood Pressure and/or Cholesterol Disorder: Combine use of EnerFlex PLUS and EnerFlex FORTE

Additional Information:-

Nutrition and Functional Food Approach in High Blood Pressure Prevention is now possible with the innovation in functional nutrition with pharmaceutical kind of research and efficacy alternative to conventional medications. Among them are: -

  • Help restore elasticity of blood vessel and reduce arterial stiffness 
  • Help strengthen heart contraction and relaxation function
  • Prevent damage of cell power house - the mitochondria
  • Prevent DNA damage thus help to slow down aging process
  • Prevent damage of cell membrane and enhance cellular daily detox process
  • Help prevent cellular oxidative stress and free radicals attack

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EnerFlex®  HOMMES - Total Nutrition for Men's Health [Acuity,Stamina,Performance]
EnerFlex®  PROCARDO K2-100: Comprehensive Cardiovascular Formula with K2 100mcg
EnerFlex® CERVASTOR 2.0 - Brain-Neuron Protector with Memophenol
EnerFlex® FORTE 2.0 - Young Arteries and Healthy Aging  [Essential for Age>40] with Nitric Oxide Boosters
EnerFlex® PLUS 2.0 - Breasts, Bones, Heart and Kidney Health with 180mcg MK-7/K2
EnerFlex® S-PERFECT 2.0 - Metabolic Syndrome, Balanced Body Line and Uric Acid
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