Hypo-Hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Adenoma (Goiter)

Direction of Use:

  1. Hypo and Hyperthyroidism: 2 sachets of EnerFlex AFA750 daily.  Monitor every 3 - 6 months on progress.
  2. Thyroid Adenoma / Goiter: 2 sachets of EnerFlex COMPLEXION daily. Monitor every 3 - 6 months on progress.

Additional Information: -

Interestingly, the Nutrition and Functional Food Approach via EnerFlex has been found to be effective in improving the disease conditions based feedback from doctors and patients, although with limited evidence of its raw ingredients. But, at least EnerFlex is safe and no side effects: -

  • Help restore thyroid and pituitary functions
  • Help body to self regulate production of thyroxine hormone
  • Help eradicate thyroid tumour/adenoma (including goiter) without going through unnecessarily surgical procedure. Positive results usually could be noticed after 6 months of product usage.

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EnerFlex® COMPLEXION - Fish Collagen Peptides Formula with Thyroid Gland Protection
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