Eye Health

People easy to neglect their eyes because they rarely hurt until there's a problem. Eye health check can spot many general health problems and early signs of eye conditions can be treated if found early enough.

Detrimental factors to eye health:

  • Smokers and heavy alcohol drinkers are much more likely to the onset of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts 
  • The diabetics are at higher risk of having diabetic retinopathy, where the retina becomes damaged and blindness occurs, is a common complication of diabetes.
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, and narrowing or hardening of the arteries.
  • Lacking of variety of fruits and vegetables
  • UV rays from sunlight

EnerFlex® OPTRAZAN is powered by super antioxidant (Natural Astaxanthin from AstaReal Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae) is the most comprehensive eye food available in the market place that aids in eye health and prevention of :

  1. Computer Vision Syndrome 
  2. AMD (Age-related Macular Degenerative) 
  3. Cataracts 
  4. Fatigue and Dry Eyes
  5. Floaters 
  6. Low Vision and Lazy Eyes

Highly recommended for the following users: -

  • IT and computer based workers
  • Users with eye usage on smartphones/computers/tablets more than 45 hours a week
  • People prone to dry and fatigue eyes
  • Diabetics at risk of retinopathy
  • People with age above 45 years old

For Healthy Eyes:  1 - 2 sachets of EnerFlex OPTRAZAN every day.

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