Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to your eye's optic nerve  linked to a buildup of pressure (Intraocular Pressure) inside your eye and eventually can damage the optic nerve, subsequently can lead to permanent vision loss and blindness within a few years.

Direction of Use: Combined use of EnerFlex OPTRAZAN and EnerFlex CERVASTOR 2.0 ; twice daily  (morning and evening)

Additional Information:

Various scientific data showed that antioxidants are helpful in reducing the progression of glaucoma. 

Natural Astaxanthin  (superantioxidant) in EnerFlex OPTRAZAN improves lens accommodative function, protects the optic nerve from damage, improves retinal blood flow and protects the eye against UV damage. A powerful tool against inflammation, Natural Astaxanthin also helps to reduce the pressure in your eyes.

Evidence that Green Tea Catechins (EGCG polyphenol) can be effective in the treatment of Glaucoma at least in laboratory rats, oral EGCG has been shown to protect the retina from damage.

Another potent polyphenols from French Grape and Wild Blueberry in EnerFlex CERVASTOR 2.0 may be useful in glaucoma patients.

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