• #9 EnerFlex® CERVASTOR

Brain, Heart & Circulatory System Protector

EnerFlex® CERVASTOR is comprehensive and advanced functional nutrition to support a healthier brain, heart and circulatory system. Effectiveness of EnerFlex® CERVASTOR is powered by 20mg Toxic-Free Standardized Ginkgo Biloba Extract, 40mg of Caffeine-free Green Tea Extract (with 90% EGCG), 200mg L-Carnitine, 50mg Tomato Lycopene Extract, 1 billion cfu BB536 Bifidobacterium longum probiotic, multivitamin and multi-mineral. EnerFlex® CERVASTOR is rich in soy protein, soy lecithin and omega 3 fatty acids to ensure optimum health.

EnerFlex® CERVASTOR is suitable for the following users:

  • Poor Blood C irculation
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Pre and Post-Stroke
  • Signs of Dementia or Lacking of Mental Alertness
  • Nerve Pain
  • Numbness of hands and legs
  • Use in combination with EnerFlex AFA750 to help alleviate Vertigo, Dizziness , Imbalance and Tinnitus.
  • Use with EnerFlex OPTRAZAN and EnerFlex AFA750 for AMD (Age related Macular Degenerative)
  • Use in combination with EnerFlex OPTRAZAN and AFA750 to help improve quality of life of Parkinson's Disease
  • Use in combination with EnerFlex AFA750 to help improve quality of life  of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Varicose Veins and Circulatory
  • One of the key foods to boost libido
  • Beneficial food to help improve erection

Direction of use: 1 – 2 sachets a day.

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#9 EnerFlex® CERVASTOR

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