• EnerFlex® D-DIET - Restore Liver Function in 90 Days (ALT, AST, GGT, A/G RATIO etc)

The Comprehensive Diet for Liver RejuvenationRestoring Liver Function in 90 Days !

Functions: Helps repair liver lining, reduce fatty liver and tissue inflammation. Restores blood sugar and liver function markers, reduces elevated LDL and Triglycerides. Alleviates elevated uric acid. Helps improve kidney impairments.

Benefits: Ability to help restore liver functions within 90 days. Highly recommended for patients with long term medications and Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

Key Active Ingredients: Premium Organic Soybean Powder, Non-GMO Soy Protein Powder, 188mg AFA Blue Green Algae, Inulin (bifidogenic prebiotic) and Digestion Resistant Dextrin ( water soluble dietary fibre).

Direction of Use: 1 - 2 sachets daily. Stir the product in about 100 ml (1 sachet) -200 ml (2 sachets) of warm water (<40 ° C) and drink immediately. Use a shaker to dissolve, more mouthfeel. We suggest users to consume 2 sachets daily for  3 - 6 months until all liver markers are normalized. Use in combination with EnerFlex PROBIOTIC for Gout / Gouty Arthritis; Systemic Lupus Erythromatosus (SLE) and maintenance of healthy liver function in patients with chronic medications.

First Launch: 1 January 2003

Additional Information: 

EnerFlex® D-DIET is comprehensive functional nutrition to support rejuvenation of liver organ including diabetics with uncontrolled blood sugar. EnerFlex® D-DIET is a Zone-Favourable Diet powered by 188mg organically grown AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) Blue Green Algae harvested from the Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, United States of America. EnerFlex® D-DIET is rich in soy protein, soy isoflavones, soy lecithin and omega 3 fatty acids to ensure optimum health and liver rejuvenation including in the prevention of fatty liver.

Effectiveness of EnerFlex® D-DIET in improving liver function markers, cholesterol profiling, HbA1C, renal function and fasting sugar was assessed in a observational clinical study involving 80 Type 2 Diabetes patients with abnormal liver function markers followed up by 33 General Practitioners for 12 weeks showed significant improvement in liver function and LDL-C without imposing negative influence on diabetes profile and renal function. Almost all patients had their ALT, AST, Total Bilirubin normalized within 90 days of study.

University of Illinois (2012) researchers have shown soy protein can reduce reduced fat accumulation and triglycerides in the livers of obese patients by partial restoring the function of Wnt / β-catenin signaling pathway in the organ. (Http: // news.aces. illinois.edu/news/ui-study-soy-protein-alleviates-symptoms-fatty-liver-disease)

EnerFlex® D-DIET - Restore Liver Function in 90 Days (ALT, AST, GGT, A/G RATIO etc)

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