About MHD Healthtool

MHD Healthtool is a mobile-and-user friendly platform site that provides multiple calculation tools for medical/clinical trial uses, paired accordingly with our recommended EnerFlex® products. Each tool is carefully referred and improvised from standards/classifications set by journals and medical sites.

About MyHealthDriver.Com Sdn. Bhd

MYHEALTHDRIVER.COM PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY is an established corporation since year 2000 with innovative functional nutrition by perfecting organically grown wholesome soybean and non-GMO isolated soy protein. Mr. Kim Lin- Keong (born January 1966, Nutritionist) is the brainchild behind the product innovation , had found a cure for his 26 years of chronic asthma suffering by EnerFlex® back in 5 December 1999.

In fact, EnerFlex® innovation was initiated in 1992 until the right formula was discovered on 19 November 1999 that subsequently cured its founder’s asthma 3 weeks later. From there, EnerFlex® is improvised and derived into multiple formulas to encounter certain use-cases such as chronic diseases and psoriasis.


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