Private Labels, OEM, Raw Supplies

Through the excellence in innovative, natural and tasty yet NO SUGAR ADDED Formulations, MYHEALTHDRIVER is opening up its Raw Materials Supply including its OEM and Private Label formulations effective 1 January 2022.

You may either repack the raw materials for reselling or use it as your product ingredients to boost up your product efficacy and unique selling proposition. All products have been proven with clinical experience since our products marketed to the medical professionals and multi-level direct selling companies since 2001.

Our products will include the following:

  • Enhanced Protection against Coronavirus Infection
  • Enhanced Digestive Tract Health
  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health
  • Enhanced Healthy Aging 
  • Enhanced Nitric Oxide Production
  • Diabetes Care
  • Enhanced Eyecare
  • Natural Slimming 
  • Enhanced Skin Health and Prevention/Treatment of Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Enhanced Women’s and Men’s Health
  • Comprehensive Wellness Program for the Vegetarians/Vegans

Local and international customers are welcome for inquiry.

For inquiry, please visit CONTACT US @


在大多數的時候,醫療從業人員往往忘記了基本身體健康是從有效率的食物消化,營基養吸收和身體處置廢物開始。其中大部分已經遠離基本營養學, 反而積極推廣由市場營銷和廣告驅動的膠囊或片劑式保健食品補充劑。事實上,今天的人類基因和600萬年前仍然是相同的。除了充分的休息,水和從水果和蔬菜膳食纖維,我們的身體只是需要均衡營營養素如蛋白質,碳水化合物,脂肪酸,微量的 必需維生素, 必需的礦物質。我們患慢性疾病,因為在我們的日常飲食中長期忽略了基石營養(必需氨基酸和脂肪酸).

延年益壽和預防慢性病的秘密在於EnerFlex®營養添加到你的日常生活中,無論一個人一直在採取某種形式的食品補充劑或慢性藥物。 EnerFlex®除了會增加更多的能量,你的細胞也有效地以清毒,降低細胞炎症,調節不平衡荷爾蒙系統,恢復平衡中樞神經系統和復原所有重要器官的最佳功能和健康.

我們向您保證,每天飲EnerFlex® ,您將看到在您的醫療保健計劃會有很大的不同!