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Can patients with gout consume soy based products?

Gout can be easily caused by high purine content foods, aging, chronic constipation and lacking of water and potassium rich vegetables and fruits. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center recommends avoiding red meat (pork, beef, veal, lamb), anchovies, internal animal organs (liver, intestines, kidneys and brains), poultry, fish, sea food, yeast, oxalate-rich food (Most doctors will tell their patients with gout or elevated blood uric acid to avoid beans including soy-based products. Yeast is a rising agent present in most breads, dinner rolls, hamburger and hot dog buns, pizza crust, beer, and commercially prepared cereals, crackers and baked goods. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, yeast contains dense amounts of purines and may trigger gout attacks. To reduce your risk of flare-ups, avoid foods with yeast on the ingredient list.

However, this is not the case for soy-based formula, EnerFlex®. Its creator has been consuming the product since 1992 until now, does not have gout or with elevated uric acid. The distinctiveness of EnerFlex® compared to other soy-based products is attributed to its unique formulation blend and selection of premium organic wholesome with its embryo removed. In addition, patients with early symptom of gout were healed by EnerFlex® within a short period of 1- 3 months.

Mode of action of EnerFlex® in improving quality of life in gout sufferers may as follow:

  1. Helps regulate uric acid formation in the body
  2. Helps remove crystallized uric acid in joints for permanent gout pain relief
  3. Reduces free radicals via scavenging effect by soy isoflavones
  4. Helps increase removal of excess uric acid via urination
  5. Helps rejuvenate cells and tissue to slow down ageing

Healing Reaction:

Severe pain and swelling triggered when the urate crystals are being removed from the joint tissue. This usually lasts not more than 7 days. Thus, do not get panic if the symptoms of gout triggered, because in the Herring’s Law of Cure, inflammation of tissues triggered before getting better and normalized. During the healing period, drink plenty of fluids (2L of water daily), more green leafy vegetables, star fruit, green apple and guava.

Recommended products for chronic gout sufferers:

The ideal EnerFlex® for gout: EnerFlex® FORTE + EnerFlex® EX-FIBRE. Direction of use: Mix 1 sachet of each product in 200ml warm water. Consume with empty stomach before breakfast and before bed.

Can patients with asthma and bronchitis helped by EnerFlex?

It has been found since EnerFlex® was marketed in 2001, was believed that the mode of action of the product may involve the following to help improve quality of life in asthmatic patients:

  • Reduces inflammation of respiratory tract, targeting the root problem especially chronic asthma
  • Enhances clearances of phlegm
  • Reduces free radicals
  • Reverses epigastric reflux of which affecting 60% of asthmatic patients with gastric and indigestion problems
  • Reduces episodes of infections by establishing a strong foundation in immune system

Recommended products and Direction of use for asthmatic sufferers:

Children and Teenager:

Consume EnerFlex® FORTE + EnerFlex® PROBIOTIC, 1 sachet each in 200ml of warm water in the morning and before bed for 1 month, Consume in the morning or before bed daily thereafter. Consume immediately during an acute asthma attack


EnerFlex® AFA750 + EnerFlex® PROBIOTIC, 1 sachet each in 200ml of warm water in the morning and before bed for 1 month, and to be consumed in the morning or before bed daily thereafter and to be consumed immediately during an acute asthma attack

Product Expectation:

Lesser asthma attacks within 3 months of product consumption in most cases. And, in many feedback cases, asthma was cured after 2 years of product consumption without any medications

Recommended products and Direction of use for Bronchitis and Emphysema (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease):

Consume EnerFlex® AFA750 + EnerFlex® PROBIOTIC, 1 sachet each in dissolved in 200ml of warm water in the morning and before bed for 3 months. Maintenance: Consume in the morning or before bed thereafter.

Product Expectation:

Users can expect more energized and better stamina, less fatigue and coughing within 3 months of product consumption.

Can patients with gastric and GERD/GORD helped by EnerFlex®?

Stomach hyperacidity, gastric and GERD (Gastroesophagus Reflux Disease) seems to be easily handled by EnerFlex® over the years of product marketing. The efficacy of the product in improving and even reversing gastritis and GERD in fact make EnerFlex® a strong brand among self-care practitioners including the pharmacists and medical doctors since 2001.

Recommended products and Direction of use for gastric pain and GERD:

Initial: Consume EnerFlex® AFA750 + EnerFlex® PROBIOTIC, 1 sachet each in dissolved in 200ml of warm water in the morning and before bed for 2 weeks. Then consume the products once daily in the morning and additional intake when the GERD or gastric pain attacks again.

Maintenance: Consume EnerFlex® FORTE+ EnerFlex® PROCARDO, 1 sachet each in dissolved in 200ml of warm water in the morning or before bed.

EnerFlex® may help improve quality of life in gastric and GERD patients via the possible mode of action as follow: -

  1. Reduces inflammation of stomach lining and speeds up healing
  2. Neutralizes stomach hyperacidity for immediate relief of gastric pain and discomfort (usually within 30 minutes)
  3. Helps regulate gastric juice production

Can EnerFlex® work in people with elevated bad cholesterol such as LDL and Triglyceride?

Surely can. The efficacy of EnerFlex® in regulating bad cholesterol was evaluated since 2002.  The effect in regulating cholesterol is supported by current science of soy in reducing bad cholesterol as follow:

  • Soy peptides: Globulin 7S and 11S are the found substances responsible for up-regulating LDL receptors in the liver (hepatocytes) of which working in similar mechanisms to novel cholesterol lowering drug, the statins (HMGCoA Reductase Inhibitors) to regulate cholesterol production as well as lowering LDL cholesterol
  • Soy isoflavones in EnerFlex® being found to prevent peroxidation of LDL Cholesterol, thus helps prevent endothelial dysfunction and plaque formation
  • Soy lecithin in EnerFlex® is a fat emulsifier to help prevent cholesterol deposition in addition as essential nutrient for healthy liver function
  • Significant amount of water-soluble fibre in EnerFlex® helps remove cholesterol (LDL and TG) from blood stream
  • Few studies involving EnerFlex® showed that EnerFlex® is more potent than soy protein in lowering TG (up to 45% reduction) in addition to similar effect on lowering LDL cholesterol

Distinctiveness of EnerFlex® as natural cholesterol regulator is it has no side-effects on liver and kidney functions. Thus, it is safe for lifetime consumption for cardiovascular health.

High cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and strokes. It also appears to boost the risk of Alzheimer's disease. High cholesterol leads to a build-up of plaque that narrows the arteries known as atherosclerosis. This is dangerous because it can restrict blood flow. If the blood supply to a part of the heart or brain is completely cut off, the result is a heart attack or stroke.

Recommended products and Direction of use for people with Elevated Bad Cholesterol:

Initial: Consume EnerFlex® PROCARDO + EnerFlex® ORIGINAL, 1 sachet each in dissolved in 200ml of warm water in the morning before breakfast. And take 1 capsule of CERVASTOR after dinner. Maintenance: Consume the packaged formula on alternate days.

How effective is EnerFlex® in reshaping bodyline and slimming?

Based on observational studies involving approximately 200 overweight people, EnerFlex® slimming effect showed a success rate with confidence level of >99.9% after 4 weeks of the product consumption as summarized in the charts below. EnerFlex® slimming effectiveness is based on Dr. Barry Sears’ Zone-Diet Concept from the United States of America. Zone-Diet Concept is focused on the balance of Dietary Protein and Carbohydrate ratio of 0.6 – 1.0 for hormonal balance to enhance body fat burning without crash-dieting.

Mode of action of slimming by EnerFlex®:

  1. Increases fat cells metabolism and burns fat even you are resting and asleep
  2. Reduces accumulation of excess fat in the adipose tissue
  3. Improves hormonal balances for even body fat distribution
  4. Alleviates central obesity to help prevent Metabolic Syndrome so that risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be reduced

Recommended product and Direction of use for Effective and Permanent Slimming

The product consumption is very much depending on the body weight and waistline of an individual.

  1. Body weight: 55– 65kg: Consume 2 sachets of EnerFlex® CONTOUR as breakfast until achieve your ideal body weight and waistline
  2. Body weight: 66 – 80kg: Consume 2 sachets of EnerFlex® CONTOUR as breakfast and 2 sachets before bed until achieve your ideal body weight and waistline
  3. Body weight: >80kg: Consume 2 sachets of EnerFlex® CONTOUR as breakfast and 2 sachets as dinner until achieve your ideal body weight and waistline


Consume 2 sachets of EnerFlex® CONTOUR as breakfast or before bed alternate days. If to consume daily, is the most ideal way of keeping permanent “S-shaped bodyline”.
Please visit to understand your ideal body weight better.

Tips to consider for faster slimming results:

  1. Avoid premixed white coffee or coffee rich in sugar and creamer including non-dairy creamer
  2. Keep serving size 30 – 50% smaller than your usual serving
  3. Drink 2 Litre of warm water (recommended) daily
  4. Avoid iced beverages for at least 3 months
  5. Avoid foods rich in saturated fat such as “santan” and “nasi-lemak”
  6. Try to have 8 hours of good sleep and sleep before 1:00am
  7. Treadmill exercise: 30 minutes daily

Why most slimming products failed in permanent slimming?

  1. Most of the products in the current market place are focusing on immediate weight loss (of which usually induce water loss and muscle loss by a very low calories meal replacement with high protein plan) and not the fundamental of eliminating excess stubborn fat in the adipose tissues. The human body does not lose fat via meal replacement or restricted calories in a short period of time. The body needs time to adjust the changes involved in the slimming process. Thus, no short cut and it is varies from individuals to individuals.
  2. High bouncing back side effects (Yo-yo effect) once the products stopped. Users will gain more fat and weight than before starting the product(s)
  3. Side effects include weaker stomach and colon system, development of depression, anxiety and anorexia nervosa, heart disease, fatty liver, gout, elevated bad cholesterol (LDL and TG), anemia and kidney disease.