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Product Overview

EnerFlex® S-PERFECT is comprehensive and advanced functional nutrition to reshape and trimming your bodyline without aggressively changing your lifestyles. Whether you are exercising, resting or asleep, excessive fat and carbohydrate are expected to be metabolised making it an ideal food to maintain your health, fitness and S-Shaped bodyline without starving or on a crash-diet plan. Effectiveness of EnerFlex® S-PERFECT is powered by 180mg of Caffeine-free Green Tea Extract (with 90% EGCG), 500mg Bitter Melon Extract, 200mg L-Carnitine,100mg Astragalus Membranaceus Extract, 4 billion cfu BB536 Bifidobacterium longum probiotic, multivitamin and multi-mineral. EnerFlex® S-PERFECT is rich in soy protein, soy lecithin and omega 3 fatty acids to ensure optimum health.

Direction of use: 2-4 sachets a day.

無須挨餓的自然美 纖體美容配方,有助改善新陳代謝綜合症

EnerFlex® S-PERFECT是全面的,先進的功能性營養配方在不改變你的生活方式下重塑你的身體線條。無論你是運動, 休息,還是睡著的時候,過多的脂肪和碳水化合物預計將被代謝, 因而成為理想的食物,以保持你的健康,身體素質和S型纖體, 無需挨餓的飲食計劃。 EnerFlex® S-PERFECT的有效性是由不含咖啡因的綠茶提取物(90%EGCG)180毫克,苦瓜提取物500毫克,200毫克的左旋肉鹼,黃芪提取物100毫克,40個億CFU長雙歧桿菌BB536益生菌,多種維生素和多礦物質提供。 EnerFlex® S-PERFECT含有豐富的大豆蛋白,大豆卵磷脂和歐米加3脂肪酸為確保最佳的健康。

使用方法: 每天2 - 4包.